Prerequisite: Before setting up the subcontractor upload folders, you need to create a integration user for use by the subcontractor, and add this integration user to the appropriate projects.

1. In each project for which you want the subcontractor to upload documents, go to Document Management and create a subfolder in Project Files.

2. You can name the subfolder anything you wish (e.g. "ACME Subcontracting Docs"). You will need to provide the subfolder to the subcontractor. They will use this when setting up the integration in APE Mobile.

Note: You can also create the subfolder inside a folder hierarchy (e.g. "Subcontractors/ACME Subcontracting". If you do this then provide the full folder path to the subcontractor.

3. Add the integration user to the list of members that have access to the folder.

4. Give the integration user View/Download+Upload+Edit permission and select Add.

Note: In this example I am using user "David Hayward (Test1)" as the integration user.

5. Your permissions should now look something like the following.

6. At this point you can give the subcontractor their integration user and subfolder details, and they should be able to set up the integration.

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