The APE Mobile Connector in the Autodesk App Store is designed for BIM 360 owners that also own APE Mobile. As well as uploading APE Mobile PDFs into BIM 360, it makes it easy to copy user and project information from BIM 360 to APE Mobile.

However, it is also possible to use a BIM 360 Custom Integration to configure the integration in a more restricted mode for use by external subcontractors. It provides way to let them upload their documentation, without giving them full admin access to users and projects. This article describes how to set up the integration to operate in this way.

BIM 360™ Setup

Here are the steps that the BIM 360 administrator needs to do:

  1. Enable the APE Mobile Connector as a Custom Integration (without BIM 360 Account Administration access).
  2. Create a user for the integration (or use an existing user). The integration will operate with the permissions assigned to this user.
  3. Add the integration user to the projects to be linked with APE Mobile.
  4. For each project create the APE Mobile PDF upload folder and give the integration user at least View/Download+Upload+Edit permission.

APE Mobile Setup

  1. Activate the BIM 360 integration in APE Mobile. This includes selecting the PDFs to be uploaded to BIM 360 and linking APE Mobile projects to BIM 360 projects.
  2. Optionally uploading pre-existing PDFs once the integration has been activated.
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