Here are the steps to get up and running:

  1. Enable the APE Mobile Connector in your BIM 360™ Account.
  2. Use the BIM 360™ Setup Wizard to create an APE Mobile trial connected to your BIM 360™ account.
  3. Create a form in APE Mobile and see it appear in BIM 360™!

See below for more details.

1. Enable the APE Mobile Connector

  1. Log into your BIM 360™ Account Admin page.
  2. Select the APPS tab.
  3. Enable the integration by finding the APE Mobile Connector app and clicking on Add to BIM 360.

2. Setting up a trial

In order to get started, you need to set up the following:

  1. Your customised APE Mobile form templates. For now, we suggest experimenting with one of the sample forms already provided. You can explore customising forms once you get a feel for how APE Mobile works.
  2. An APE Mobile project linked to a BIM 360 project.

We have provided a BIM 360 setup wizard to help you create a trial with everything you need to see the integration working. To run the wizard, do the following:

1. Go to Scroll down and click on the Get Started button.

2. Enter your Autodesk credentials and Authorize the application.

3. Click on the button to Get Your 14 Day Free Trial.

4. Select your Autodesk account and click Next.

5. Ensure your details are correct and click Next.

6. Choose a subdomain. This will give you your own custom APE Mobile address (e.g. Click Next.

7. Select one of your BIM 360 projects to create in APE Mobile and then specify the name of the subfolder where you want the forms to go (within the project's "Project Files" folder in BIM 360). Click Next.

8. Select the BIM 360 users you would like to include in the trial. Click Next.

9. Review the summary page, and if you are happy with the results, then click Finish.

At this point the wizard will create your trial. When it is finished it will log you in.

In your email inbox you will find a message asking you to confirm your email address. It is a good idea to do this. Then click on the Start Exploring button and you will be ready to create your first form.

3. Creating your first form

At this point, you can either continue using a web browser, or you can download one of our mobile apps (iOS, Android, or Windows) and create the form from there. The steps are similar across all platforms. The following snapshots are from the web app.

1. After the trial is created there will be two projects. Select your BIM 360 project.

2. In Project Home, you can see that you don't have any forms yet. Click on the Forms panel to take you to the Forms register.

3. Click on Create to see a list of example forms. When you create your own custom forms, they will appear in this list. For now, click on Daily Diary (simple).

4. Optionally fill in some of the fields (e.g. Weather) with test data. When done, click Save to Project.

5. You will now see your first form in the forms register. Click on the form, and the View PDF button will appear. Click on it to see the PDF representation of your form.

6. Here is the PDF representation of the form. This has also been uploaded to your BIM 360 Project.

7. If you now go to Document Management in your BIM 360 project, you will see the the Project Files subfolder you specified when configuring the integration (in this case: "APE Mobile"), and it will contain your Daily Diary PDF (if it is not there immediately, wait a minute or two and refresh the page).  If you click on it, you will see the same PDF viewed above. Note that any changes you make in APE Mobile will update the PDF in BIM 360.

8. This demonstrates the key functionality of the integration. For more information on what else you can do, see Next Steps below.

4. Next Steps

At this point, you can do the following:

  • Update the BIM 360 Integration to link more BIM 360 projects to APE Mobile projects and/or to customise the way forms are uploaded to BIM 360 (by specifying different subfolders for different types of forms and/or by specifying custom filenames).
  • Start exploring how to create your own custom form templates. This is a big topic, and we would be delighted to give you a hand creating your first custom form. Please contact us if you would like some help.
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