Note: This page talks about the deprecated Yes/No, Yes/No/NA, and Multiple Choice question fields. We now recommend the more powerful Question Field.

If you still wish to use the legacy question fields, add a question field and then use the question type selector at the top of the field settings to change it.


Yes/No controls allow the user to indicate an answer to a question that can be specified by clicking on the pen tool. In the template editor, click the cogwheel icon to open the settings panel to edit the question text.

Yes/No controls in Tables

In the case where you want to have different Yes/No questions on each line of a table, you can do that after turning on the setting "Different value per row".


Yes/No/NA behaves the same as Yes/No, except that it also has an option to select N/A.

All question controls have at least 5 merge fields as follows:

The 1st merge field contains the answer as a word ("Yes", "No" or "N/A").
The 2nd merge field contains the details (which is normally the question).
The 3rd merge field contains an X if the answer is Yes (otherwise it is blank).
The 4th merge field contains an X if the answer is No (otherwise it is blank).
The 5th merge field contains an X if the answer is N/A (otherwise it is blank).

That allows flexibility in how the answer is presented within the output PDF. The 3rd, 4th and 5th merge fields are used when the answer is presented as an "X" in a suitable box or cell in a table.

They have more fields if there is an associated form or action.

Multiple Choice

This behaves the same as a Yes/No/NA control, except that it presents the choices as A, B, and C rather than Yes, No, and N/A.

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