To enable the BIM 360 integration please do the following

1. Ensure that you have permission to manage your organisation (talk to your administrator if not).

2. Ensure you have enabled the APE Mobile Connector in your BIM 360 account.

3. Ensure that you have set up the projects in APE Mobile that you want to link to BIM 360.

4. Go to Admin -> Integrations.

5. Select the Activate button next to the BIM 360 integration.

6. If you are not already logged into BIM 360, then it will ask you to do so and then it will ask you to Authorize application. Click "Allow".

7. It will ask you to select a BIM 360 account (if you only have one, it will select it automatically). Once your account is selected, click Next.

8. It then takes you to a page where you can manage the projects you want to link to BIM 360. Hit the + button to add a new linkage.

9. Here you select your APE Mobile project, the BIM 360 project that you wish to link it to, and the Project Files subfolder in BIM 360 where you want the uploaded PDFs to go. Once you done this, then hit SAVE.

10. By default, all form PDFS are uploaded to BIM 360. However, you can customise this. Click the cog icon to configure the linkage settings.

11. Untick "All PDFs" in order to select the forms to be uploaded.

12. Now you can select which form PDFs will be uploaded. In this example we have selected "Daily Diary (simple)". You can also specify a subfolder for each type of form, as well as specifying how its file name will be constructed in BIM 360. Click the Cog button for the form you want to customise.

13. Here you can specify a Subfolder Path. In the example below we've told the system to upload to an Onsite/Diaries folder within the BIM 360 folder previously specified (so the full path in BIM 360 would be "Project Files/Site Docs - APE Mobile/Onsite/Diaries"). You can also specify how to name the uploaded file. The default is to use the template name and sequence number (e.g. "Daily Diary (simple) 1.pdf", but it is also possible to use the short description in the form if you would like to have full control over how it appears in BIM 360.

14. Click Save for the PDF Settings and then Save again for the Project Settings. Then click NEXT to take you to the Summary page.

15. Click Finish if you are happy with the details and the integration will be activated.

16. The integration details page now shows you that the integration is running. You can always hit the Configure button to go back and link more projects, or adjust the setting on your already-linked projects. You can also optionally use "Upload Existing PDFs" to upload PDFS created prior to activating the integration. As you create forms in APE Mobile, they are uploaded to BIM 360. Here is the location of an uploaded file from the example activation above:

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