To enable the BIM 360 integration please do the following:

1, Ensure that you have permission to manage your organisation (talk to your administrator if not)..

2. Go to Admin -> Integrations.

3. Select the Activate button next to the BIM 360 integration.

4. If you are not already logged into BIM 360, then it will ask you to do so and then it will ask you to Authorize application. Click "Allow".

5. It will ask you to select a BIM 360 account (if you only have one, it will select it automatically). Once your account is selected, click Next.

6. It then asks what Form PDFs you would like to upload to your BIM 360 account. The default is "All PDFs". However, if you deselect that, then you can select the individual PDFs that you wish to upload.

7. It then displays a Summary. If you are happy with it, then hit Finish to activate the integration.

8. At this point you have activated your integration. The next step is to link one or more of your APE Mobile projects to BIM 360. 


  1. You can come back and use the "Configure" button if you wish to change the selection of PDFs that being uploaded.
  2. Once you have linked your projects, you can optionally come back and "Upload Existing PDFs" to upload PDFS created prior to activating the integration.

What can the integration do?

You can now:

This article takes you through the main integration features.

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