When trying to log out, I get the error:

=== Unsynced changes ===
You have unsynced changes, please allow these to synchronise before logging out.
======= =======


The app requires all data to be synchronised before a user can log out to prevent losing unsynced changes. That usually arises because there is a form (or action or memo) with a sync conflict.
A sync conflict normally occurs if someone saves a form that you’re editing between the time that you start editing and then save it (i.e. an edit conflict).


You need to find which Form/s (or Actions or Memos) have not been synchronized with the server, and choose your preferred option for resolving each one. Afterwards, you will be able to log out. I will explain further below.

Forms (and Actions and Memos) are normally synchronized automatically. Whenever the app is running and Internet-connected it tries every 15 seconds to synchronise any data changes. So, if you have had the app open while Internet-connected, and yet your forms haven’t been synchronized, then one (or more) must have a sync error.

APE Mobile indicates when a form has sync error by displaying an exclamation mark. Here’s a screenshot from an Android phone:

When you see a sync conflict, select the form (by pressing it) to reveal the “Sync Conflict” button, then press the button to see options for resolving the conflict.

There should be 3 options (Overwrite, Duplicate and Discard). You might need to scroll down to see them all.

The best option is usually to Duplicate the form and save to Draft, and then have someone put any changes from the draft into the other (original) copy, and then delete the draft. However, form duplication doesn't carry-over signatures, so if you need to preserve signatures then consider using the Overwrite option. If you need to preserve the changes in the 'other version' if the form then you may want to first either duplicate that or have someone open it (say in the web app) and then compare the difference between that and the overwritten form (when you then do the overwrite and that gets synced).

The best time to resolve a sync conflict is soon after it occurred, while people remember what was entered.

Tip for finding the conflict:

Sometimes it is difficult to find the form/s with the sync conflict, particularly when there are many projects and thus you don’t know which project to look in to find the conflict. To isolate which project/s has a conflict, you can unsubscribe from individual projects one at a time.

Note you can unsubscribe from a project (in a mobile app) by swiping the project's name to the right (in the project selection list) and then pressing the unsubscribe (or remove) button that appears.

The process of unsubscribing from a project removes all of that project’s data for the device. When APE Mobile doesn’t allow you to unsubscribe from a project that is because the project contains data (forms, memos or actions) that has not yet been transferred to the server. That behaviour is to prevent you deleting data the only copy of the data. Look for forms with sync conflicts in the projects that you cannot unsubscribe from.

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