Geolocation controls enable site users to get their current coordinates when filling out a form (from their device's GPS or other means of determining position) and record it, including the time, date and accuracy.

Administrators can make use of the captured Geolocation data in form PDFs and Exports in different formats (decimal degrees and degrees/minutes/seconds) and also the location accuracy and capture time.

When completing a Form

In the Template Editor

Geolocation merge fields

Options for when geolocation is used in a Formula

In the example below, the geolocation control has a reference of TOP!H but in general turn on "Show formula refs" to find out the reference for the geolocation control in your template. The options appear when you type the reference and then a dot after it.

Ignore the message "Formula reference 'TOP' doesn't refer to a known field or table column" because that will disappear when you have specified a recognised option.

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