Users can attach files, view them, download and send them, in ways that vary slightly depending on the type of file and app.

Attaching in a mobile app:

Options to view and delete in the web app:

Controlling the inclusion of attachments when sending from the web app:

Before sending from a mobile app (e.g. on an iPad), when you are editing the form and have attached the files, you may need to download the attached file/s before you can include them in the email along with the form's PDF.

In the Template Editor

If you add an Attachment control to a template then your mobile app users need to have a version of the app that supports this new type of field, as follows:

  • iOS app version 5.21 (or higher)
  • Android app version 5.21 (or higher) 
  • native Windows10 app version 1.17 (or higher) 

Attachment controls can be configured to allow up to 5 attachments, with each up to 20MB in size.

When used in tables, they can have a different text value on each row (like Readonly text and Question types of controls).

In the template DOCX

Use version 1.3.8 or higher of the APE Word Add-in for inserting Attachment control merge fields into the template DOCX.

  • The 1st merge field contains the 'Hint Text' that is displayed to the user (after the Display Name). That is similar to a Readonly Text control's merge field.
  • The 2nd merge field contains the name of the 1st attached file (if it exists). Any subsequent merge fields contain the names of other attached files (2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th files) if they exist.

In the output PDF, the attachment filenames are not links to the files. However, the filenames are links when used inside the APE Mobile app.

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