You can now link Procore and APE Mobile - to keep your Projects, Users and records in sync. Check out this article to see the steps to set this up. 

Note, you must have Manage Users permission to be able to set up Procore users in APE Mobile.

Creating Users from Procore

When you create a new User in APE Mobile (Admin > Users), you'll have the option of selecting from a list of Procore users. 

If the email of the Procore user matches an existing APE Mobile user, you'll be asked to confirm a match and link the two users (see below). 

Otherwise, you'll be asked to choose a user type and create the new user. They'll receive an email from APE Mobile, asking them to create a password.

Once a user is linked from Procore to APE Mobile, user details (such as name and email address) in APE Mobile will stay in sync with those in Procore. 

If you have projects in APE Mobile synced with Procore, users will automatically be added as Project Members in APE Mobile if they are already associated with the project in Procore.

Linking Existing Users

You'll also be able to link existing APE Mobile users to Procore users. 

From the User Details screen, click Link. If there's a Procore user that has the same email address as the APE Mobile user, APE Mobile will show you the details of the proposed match. 

You'll then be able to click Link to confirm the match.

Need help setting up your Procore integration? Have a look here, contact us using the messenger in the bottom right of your screen, or via email.

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