You can now link Procore and APE Mobile - to keep your Projects, Users and records in sync. Check out this article to see the steps to set this up. 

Once you've connected Procore and APE Mobile, you can: 

  • Create projects in APE Mobile based on Procore projects
  • Link existing APE Mobile projects to Procore

In both cases, the project details will stay in sync with any changes made in Procore.

Create Projects from Procore

When you go to the Projects screen, you'll now have the option to create from Procore, using the Procore button. You'll be asked to log in to Procore if you aren't already logged in.

Select your project and confirm the project details by clicking Save. 

Some details are not editable in APE Mobile - if a project was created from Procore, these details must be managed in Procore. Any changes will be automatically synced back in APE Mobile.

Project Members will also be added automatically - if there are users who have been added to the Procore project, who also exist in APE Mobile, they'll be added to the APE Mobile project.

Link Projects to Procore

You can also link your existing APE Mobile projects to Procore.

To do this, go to the Project Details screen, which can be found in Project Home > Settings > Properties or by selecting the project from the Projects list under the Admin menu.

Click Link. APE Mobile will try to match the project with a Procore project that has the same Project Number/Job Number. If there isn't a match, you may need to edit this in either APE Mobile or Procore.

If there is a match, click Link again to confirm - the projects are now linked!

This means that your Project Details and Project Members in APE Mobile will now be synced from Procore, and PDF copies of all of your APE Mobile forms, memos and actions will be kept in Procore (see below).

Project Forms, Memos and Actions 

Once you start creating Forms, Memos and Actions in APE Mobile, a copy of those records will be kept in your linked Procore project automatically. 

You'll find these in your project Documents in a folder called "APE Mobile (company)".

That way if you predominantly use Procore, you'll always have easy access to a copy of the forms that are being completed on site in APE Mobile.

Need help setting up your Procore integration? Have a look here or contact us using the messenger in the bottom right of your screen, or via email.

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