When you sign up for an APE Mobile trial via Procore, you'll be asked which Users you'd like to import.

The list of users you see here consists of the users associated with any projects you've selected in the previous step (if you did not select any projects, you'll see the full list of users for your Procore Company).

What does this do?

Each Procore user you select here will have a corresponding user created for you automatically in APE Mobile. 

Note: Each of these users will receive an email invitation to join APE Mobile. 

Once you've activated your APE Mobile integration, the details of these users will be kept up to date with Procore. 

If these users are members of any Procore projects that you have linked to APE Mobile, the users will also be automatically added as Project Members for those projects in APE Mobile.

Which users should I add?

When you're signing up for a trial, you might not want to add all of your users to APE Mobile straight away

You may opt to select one or two Procore projects to pilot in APE Mobile during the trial with a few key users - you can always add more later using the integration.

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