When you sign up for an APE Mobile trial via Procore, you'll be asked which Projects you'd like to import.

What does this do?

Each Procore project you select here will have a corresponding project created for you automatically in APE Mobile. 

Then, once you've activated your APE Mobile integration, the details of these projects will be kept synced with Procore. 

This means:

  1. The project details will keep up to date with changes made in Procore (e.g. to the project name, number and address). 
  2. Any users who have been added to the project in Procore and who also exist in APE Mobile, will be added to the APE Mobile project. 
  3. Any forms, actions and memos created in APE Mobile, will be saved in Procore as well (in PDF form) - so that you always have easy access to the forms being created on site, whether you're using Procore or APE Mobile. 

Which projects should I add?

When you're signing up for a trial, you might not yet want to add all of your projects to APE Mobile. 

You may opt to select one or two Procore projects to pilot in APE Mobile during the trial with a few key users - you can always add more later using the integration.

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