When you sign up to a new APE Mobile trial, you'll be asked to choose an address:

As this is the address you'll use to sign in to APE Mobile, we recommend you choose this address with the following in mind:

Keep it short

When you visit APE Mobile on the web or sign in to the app, you (and other users in your organization) need to enter this address. Keeping the address fairly short will prevent errors. 

Make it memorable

Try to keep this address the same as other web addresses you use for your business, or other services you sign in to. This way it'll be easier to remember when you need to log in.

Choose something relevant to your business

Resist signing up with your own name (unless that's the name of your business), a spur of the moment abbreviation or your full business name. 

For example, if people refer to your business as ACP, use: acp.apemobile.com instead of:

  • acpptyltd.apemobile.com
  • ac-plumbing-pl.apemobile.com
  • jimcarr.apemobile.com.

Remember, you don't want to lose the work you've done in APE Mobile as a result of having to change your URL at a later date (although we can fix this issue in extenuating circumstances 😄).


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