This is an example explaining how to set up a Metric - see a general overview of the functionality here

You must be a Super user with Manage Templates access to set up Metrics. 

Setting up a Vehicle Inspection Metric

In this example, you'll set up a Metric that will allow you to check in with Site Assistant when any vehicle inspections have taken place, on what vehicles and who conducted the inspections.

Find Metrics in the Admin menu.

From the Metrics screen, hit the green Create button to get started.

General Details

First, you'll need to choose a name for your Metric. You'll use this name when you ask Site Assistant questions, so simple and intuitive is best. We're calling this one "Vehicle Inspections".

We're interested in how many inspections have taken place, so we choose the type Quantity (count).


You'll need to let the Metric know where to get its data from using Sources. In this case, our information about Vehicle Inspections will come from our Vehicle Inspection template, so we click Add Source and choose this template.

Then, we need to specify which date the Vehicle Inspection happened on (in case we want to ask, "how many on the 8th of September", or "how many last week" - in this case, the field "Inspection Date" will give this information.


We can use the same Metric to query different attributes, or breakdowns, of the Vehicle Inspections. For example, "vehicle inspections by Mike Jensen", or "vehicle inspections for LV101 this year". 

To set this up, we add some more attributes - click Manage Attributes, then Add Attribute.

We add two attributes, "Person" and "Vehicle". Then we go and Edit the Source to choose the field that each attribute can be found in. In this case, the "Person" is the person who conducted the inspection (the Owned By field) and the "Vehicle" is found in a field called "Vehicle" 😏 


We also have the choice of showing the summary graphic as a cumulative chart, or a non-cumulative chart. Choose whichever makes sense to you

Click OK to save the Metric when you're done, making sure to Activate it (in the General section at the top) if you're ready to use it.

The Result

Now, we can ask Site Assistant about the Vehicle Inspections recorded against any project (or all projects). 

Just adding one Source and two Attributes in this example enables me to ask questions about Vehicle Inspections for any vehicle, for any time period and any person - all without exports or spreadsheets. 

In the example above, I've also requested that Site Assistant pull out all of the Vehicle Inspection records for a particular vehicle, and email me the details.

And since Site Assistant is available on our mobile apps now, you get all of this information in the field!

Feel free to try it out - and contact us if you have any questions, using the messenger in the bottom right corner of your screen 😃 

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