We've built Metrics to help you to make the most of all of the data your organization has collected in APE Mobile. 

Metrics are essentially arrows pointing to the key pieces of data you might want to query in Site Assistant. Think job progress, measurements, time booked to projects... Anything that can be counted or summed, and/or and has a Form, Memo or Action logging it.

Here are some examples of Metrics that we've found to be useful so far: 

  • Hours: Track time by sourcing overtime and ordinary hours from your Timesheet forms, and asking Site Assistant for totals by person, for the week, for the month.
  • Deliveries: Source information about deliveries from your Delivery Dockets or Daily Ops Reports. Ask Site Assistant - how many deliveries of a certain type of material? How many deliveries from a particular supplier? 
  • Inductees: Set up an Inductees Metric and ask Site Assistant on the spot, is Jim Smith inducted? Then you can ask for the exact record that shows they were inducted.
  • Meters drilled: Get Site Assistant to tell you the total meters drilled on a job or in a certain date range by setting up a Metric that looks at your Drill Report forms. 
  • Vehicle Inspections: get the latest Inspection date for a given vehicle or the Inspection records created by a particular user.
  • Toolbox Meetings: Find out from Site Assistant if a given Project has had a Toolbox Meeting conducted for this week. 
  • Injuries: Ask Site Assistant how many Injury Reports have been raised (for a Project, this year for example). 

Have a look here for more information about setting up Metrics, and to step through an example. 

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