Our Procore integration allows you to sync your Procore Projects, Users and Project Members to APE Mobile, and have copies of your APE Mobile forms in Procore so they're always available when you need them. 

You can set up your Procore integration by going to the Integrations page (under the Admin menu). 

Note, you may need to have the Procore integration enabled (by APE Mobile Support) and be a Super user to see this page - contact us if you don't have access. 

Find Procore in the list and hit Activate to get started. 

If you're not already signed in to Procore, you'll be redirected and asked to sign in so that APE Mobile knows which Procore Company to link to.

You have the option of adding Service Account details here. This is optional - without it, you will be able to Create and Link projects and users with Procore, but they won't stay synced automatically, and you wont be able to access your APE Mobile Form PDFs from Procore if you don't complete these fields. 

Have a look here for help with generating a Service Account to complete these two fields. 

Once you've entered your Service Account Client ID and Service Account Client Secret, hit Activate

Done! Now APE Mobile and your Procore Company are connected. 

What can the integration do?

Well, you can now:

This article takes you through the main integration features.

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