So you've invited a new User to APE Mobile, but they can't see anything?

They need to be granted access to a Project - to do this, make them a Project Member. 

To add someone as a Project Member, you must have permission to do so, via one of two ways:

  1. You are a Project Member with "Edit Project" access
  2. You are an administrator with Access all projects checked on your User settings.

If one of those are true, you can follow these steps.

First, select the Project. You'll land on the Project Home (which you can always access from the left panel if you have a project selected). 

From the menu at the bottom of Project Home, you can edit all of the Project Settings - WBS Lists, Project Lists, Properties and of course the Project Members

Click on Project Members - on this screen, you can choose Create to add a new Project Member (remember, the User must have been created before you can add them to a Project). Choose a permission level:

  • Read Only – user can view Project records.
  • Create Records – user can create and edit Project records.
  • Send Records – in addition to the above, user can Send project Forms, Memos and Actions.
  • Edit Project – user can change project settings, including Project Details (Properties), Project Lists, and Sequence Number configuration (for numbering Memos, Forms, and Actions) and re-open closed forms.

You can also choose whether the user will be an Approver using the "Can approve" checkbox. This means that the user will appear in the list of Approvers for all Forms in the Project that have Approvals Sections.

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