APE Mobile now pairs with over a thousand other apps via Zapier to enable you to bring data in to APE Mobile, and out of APE Mobile. 

The basic formula is Trigger + Action = Zap!

That is: if something happens in one app (Trigger) then do something in another app (Action). There are many thousands of possibilities, so get creative and check out what apps you use are integrated with Zapier!

What you'll need:

  • Sign up for a free Zapier account at https://zapier.com/
  • Your Organization's API Key in APE Mobile (this is in the Organization Settings page and available to Super users with Manage Organization permission - go to Admin, then Organization).
  • Your APE Mobile login credentials.


There are 3 APE Mobile Triggers available in Zapier - use these when you want to pull data from APE into another system. 

New Form/Memo/Action

Whenever a Form in APE Mobile is:

  • Created
  • Updated
  • Either Created or Updated

Note: you can filter these Forms/Memos/Actions by Project, or based on fields in the Form/Memo/Action.

You can take selected data from that form and use it to:

  • Populate a row in a Google or Excel sheet with key information from the Form
  • Send an email containing¬†
  • Save the PDF version of the Form to Dropbox

And many, many more! Simply search for APE Mobile when you're setting up your Zap Trigger step (do this by hitting "Make a Zap!" from zapier.com, or visit your Integration page from within APE Mobile on the Web to get started).


Create Drawing

You can automatically add a Drawing to your APE Mobile project when, for example:

  • A file is added to your Dropbox folder
  • A file is added to your Google Drive folder
  • An email with attachment is sent to a special Zapier address (use the Email by Zapier trigger)

Here you can even define the Drawing metadata (e.g. Name, Version, Type) based on the identifying data in the Trigger app. For example, set the file name as the Drawing Name OR set the email subject as the Drawing Name.

Create List Item

Automatically add list items to your APE Mobile Organization Lists when:

  • You send a Slack message to a particular Channel
  • You add a new row to a Google or Excel sheet
  • An email account receives an email meeting certain criteria.
  • A new Office 365 contact is added (to populate a Contractor list, for example).

More Information

Zapier has a great guide to getting started here, there are steps to getting started with APE Mobile on Zapier here, or contact us if you have specific questions.

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