As part of APE Mobile's Insights initiative, we've been working on Live Feed. 

This is a new way for you to see what's happening on site now, and to rewind time to see past activity as well!

Live Feed is currently in beta and is available on request - talk to us or email us to get it up and running for your organization - note it is only available to Super users who have Manage Insights permission switched on. 

Here's what it looks like: click the red tab on the right to get started. 

You'll see a list of events on the left, a map on the right and a time scroller at the bottom. 

Time slider

Use the time slider to choose the time range shown in the Live Feed, by dragging the boundaries of the grey box, and shifting the grey box back and forth. 

The red line on the top level shows a zoomed in view of the time range you've selected on the blue line below.


You can also filter the events that are shown on the list by Template and User. For example, you may want to see all events on Defect actions that have been logged by Mike. Pop out the filters by hitting the filter button, then you can apply your filters.

Note: these filters are saved for when you next open Live Feed - use the same filter button to find the clear button 😄


Live Feed will automatically zoom to show the map events available when you first go in. To change the zoom level at any time, you can hit your "ctrl" (or command) key and scroll (the map will tell you what to do).

You can also use the + and - buttons in the bottom right to zoom, and drag and drop to pan to a different part of the map.

Drilling Down

If you see a something on the Live Feed and want more information, you can do this in two ways. 

You can click a map pin to see details about the event, and then go direct to the Form by clicking on the Form Name.

Alternatively, you can click on the time stamp on the event description on the list on the left panel to go straight to the Form. 

If you see something on the list in the left panel that you want to find on the map, you can click the item (as long as you click outside the time stamp) to move the map so the item is in view (note, this will only work for items with a geolocation, denoted by the map pin on the left: 


Live Feed is currently in beta and we are actively working to improve it - if there's anything you think we can tweak to make Live Feed useful to you and your organization, let us know by email or chat!

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