If you're already a user 

To log in to the APE Mobile app, you'll need 3 things: 

  1. Your Server (see below) - this will be the web address you use if you're accessing APE Mobile on the web, or if you're using the iOS, Windows or Android app, you'll enter it in the first field on the log in screen (see above).
  2. Your email address - this is the email address you used to sign up (or the email address your administrator used to invite you to APE Mobile). 
  3. Your password - if you haven't set it, you'll be able to click a link in your invite email to do so. If you have and you've forgotten it, click the forgot password link to reset it (you'll receive an email from us). 

Note: you'll also need to be online until you've successfully logged in to the app - after that, you're welcome to go offline again.

If your company uses APE Mobile but you don't have an invite yet

You'll need to ask you APE Mobile Administrator to add you as a user (and add you to your Project(s) as well).

If your company doesn't yet use APE Mobile

You (or someone at your company) will need to create a new APE Mobile trial so you can sign in. 

Use the trial sign up form on our website to automatically generate a trial server to log in to and start using APE Mobile right away.

What am I supposed to put in the "Server" field?

The Server is the same as the URL you use to log in to APE Mobile in the web. It will look something like this: 


Where "company" is replaced by something chosen by your organization (often the company name or something similar). You'll be able to find this in your welcome email, or contact your APE Mobile Administrator.

If they don't know, you can always contact us to help track it down 😃 

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