Want to check whether you're using the most up to date APE Mobile app? Here's where to find the version in the app you're using, and where to find APE Mobile in your app store.


The version you currently have installed can be found in the left navigation menu, above the Help and Support link.

To install or update (if you don't have automatic update turned on), the APE Mobile app can be found by searching the App Store for "APE Mobile Onsite", or use this link.


To find the APE Mobile version in Windows, have a look at the left navigation menu - the version details can be seen directly above the Logout button, in the format "APE UWP X.XX.X", for example "APE UWP 1.14.9".  

APE Mobile can be installed or updated by going into the Store app and searching for APE Mobile, or find it here. There, you'll be given the option to Install, Launch or Update, depending on whether you've got the latest APE Mobile installed already.


The app version you have installed on your Android device can be found at the bottom of the left navigation menu in the app (you will need to have signed in). 

Install or update the app here, or by searching for "APE Mobile" in Google Play.

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