In APE Mobile, there are two different places where you can use our Annotation Tools: 

  1. Drawings & Docs: you can mark up drawings (and save multiple layers of markups) in our iOS, Windows and Android apps.
  2. Forms, Actions and Memos: You can now draw on images that you have added to your forms (excluding Diagram fields).

Let's have a look at the different elements of the drawing tools.

To start, hit the green button. This opens up the colour wheel, which is always available - spin the wheel to choose the colour you want to use. 

Tapping on the centre button switches between the line thickness selector and the tool selector

There's also the ruler, for straight lines at any angle.

The buttons in the bottom left are for turning the ruler on and off (in case it gets in the way), and the all-important the undo button!

Now, there's one difference between annotating on drawings (in the D&D register) and annotating on images (in your Forms).

Annotations on your images are permanent - once it's saved, you can no longer erase the annotation. 

On the other hand, annotations on Drawings are saved layer by layer (hit the Save button and name your annotation layer). You can view the layers at any time, and save composite layers if you want, too. 

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