To create a Custom Export, click on Exports in the navigator or menu.

From here, choose Setup* to configure your Custom Export 

That opens the list of existing Custom Exports.

Click the green Create button to start creating your new Custom Export.

The first step is to define the columns you'll want in your export, and the template(s) (Sources) that contain the fields that are the source of the data you want to export. 

Note that you can name the columns whatever you like – they do not have to be the same as the field name in the template. You can have as many Sources as you like - that is, the information in your Export can come from multiple types of forms.

In the next screen, map the columns to the actual fields in each of the Sources you have selected. 

Click Save when complete. 

The new Custom Export is now ready for use. To use it, go to Exports, click Export, and select Custom Data.

When you click Submit and wait for the export to finish, you'll receive an email containing a get a CSV file that looks like the following:

You can also access your Exports from the Exports register.

Advanced Custom Exports

Note that by specifying multiple Sources, it is possible combine data from different types of memos, forms, or actions. This can be used to do things like combine timesheets from different templates into one export.

Also note that you can specify the same Source multiple times. For example, the following Custom Export takes the first three questions and answers of a checklist, and outputs them in tabular form.

 *  Using Setup requires the user to have permission to Manage Templates and Organization Lists

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