A Punch List in APE Mobile is a list of selected Actions, compiled into a convenient PDF document that can be passed to someone as a list of items that need to be worked on.

UPDATE: To simplify APE Mobile’s main menu, we relocated Punch Lists from the main menu into the Actions register. For more details see here.

How to Create a Punch List

The first thing you need to do is define the Actions that belong on the list. 

Start on the Actions Register for your Project in APE Mobile. This is found in the left navigation menu, whether you're logged in to the web or the app. 

Apply filters and/or search terms until you see the Actions that belong on the list. 

You might want the Punch List to be:

  • All Corrective Actions with a status of Open
  • All Non Conformance items assigned to a particular Company
  • All Workshop Actions raised in the last week.

Note: no Draft Action can be displayed on a Punch List.

Then, hit Create Punch List. This will tell APE Mobile to compile a Punch List for you - once it's ready, you'll find it in the Punch List Register. 

To view your Punch List, find it in the Punch List Register and Download or View it using the Action buttons. Other options here: you could Send the Punch List via email or Edit it (that is, change the Name or Status of the Punch List). 

The Punch List contains:

  • Some summary data detailing the time it was generated, the owner, Project and Punch List Name.
  • Selection details - that is, the filters and search set at the time the Punch List was generated. 
  • A table detailing the Actions included in the Punch List. 
  • Figures section - including photos attached to each of the Actions in the Punch List.

Punch Lists on Forms

You may have a Form template that is configured such that users can generate/link  Actions to it. For example, an Inspection form - during the Inspection you might find and document some Corrective Actions. 

When you configure the Form template, you have the option to Append Punch List in the Template Editor. 

What does this do? Well if you turn this on, each time you download the PDF for the Form, it'll automatically attach a Punch List containing all of the Actions that are linked to the Form. Handy! 

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