A Table is a special control that enables you to define a table containing multiple controls, each of which is a column in the table.

In the template editor, click the cogwheel icon to open the settings panel to edit the table details.

Here, you can
 - Adjust the number of row in the table
 - Adjust the number of columns in the table
 - Add row labels (these appear in the first column), or
 - Delete the table

Alternatively, you can select an individual column in the template editor to:
  - Change the field type for the column (each column in a table can be a different field type)
 - Change the column Display Name, or
 - Delete the column.

Example view of a table on a mobile device:

When entering data, clicking a row in the table opens a dialog for entering values:

Note: You can’t put a table inside a table or an Action template. If you want to list multiple actions then use a Punch List.

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