Lists fields are used to provide a dropdown list from which a user can choose an item, or several items. They are a commonly-used way to make it quicker and easier for users to enter data. They also provide the benefit of standardising data by preventing misspelling and non-standard entries like abbreviations.

When editing a template, you can add a List field by double clicking or dragging and dropping List from the left panel. 

Click the cog on your List field to open the Settings panel. Here, you can:
 - Set the Display Name for the field
 - Choose whether selection is mandatory for the field or not
 - Choose whether to allow single or multiple selections in the field
 - Change the List Type (this determines the source of the list items; see below for a description of each type). 

Tip: if exporting data from multi-select lists then you can use the option "Group list items" to control whether that is exported together or over multiple rows.

List Types

Custom List

Custom List allows the template administrator to define a list of items, which are specific to the template. Form users cannot add, edit or delete those items.

Company List

Company List draws items from the Company List, which you can access in the web app under Admin => Companies.

Organization List

Organization List draws items from the selected Organization List. Form users can add, edit and delete items if the Org. List is not locked.

Project List

Project List draws items from the selected Project List. Form users can add, edit and delete items.

WBS Item

WBS Item lists draw items from the current project's WBS Items.

If you don't see an option for "WBS Item" type list then please ask APE Mobile Support to turn it on.

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