Date, time and number fields can be added to your forms when editing the template in the Template Editor, by double clicking the field type in the left panel, or dragging and dropping onto your template.


Date is a field that, when selected by the field user, presents a date picker dates to choose from. Date fields can be made mandatory or non-mandatory using the Settings for the field (click on the cog icon). 


Time controls allow user to select a time (in hours and minutes). Time fields can be made mandatory or non-mandatory.

There is also a "Time Interval" setting which allows you to restrict the picker to 5- or 15-minute intervals, where this is appropriate for the field. 

For example, you may only want Timesheet items logged to the nearest 15 minutes or half hour. By using 15 minute increments, users won't need to scroll through the picker one minute at a time.


Number Controls only allow numeric characters to be entered (as well as a minus sign and a decimal point). Number fields can be mandatory or non-mandatory.

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