You might have a case where you want to use the answer to a question in a form, as a prompt to:
 - Remind a user to complete a related form
 - Create an Action if a question indicates that something needs to be done
 - Link a related Action or Form. 

Some examples of this:
 - While completing a Site Inspection, I notice that something that needs to be actioned.
 - While creating a Risk Assessment, I answer a question that indicates I need to complete a Hot Work Permit.

To set up your Form so that users can do this, first add a Question Field to your template. 

In the Question Field settings, you'll see the option to "Attach to Question". 

From here, you can choose either an existing Action or Form template, and you can also choose whether you want a new Action/Form to automatically pop up when the user answers the Question.

This is what it looks like for the user filling out the form - they can choose to either link an existing form, or create a new one.

Some other useful things to know about this:
 - You can get data from the fields in your linked form onto the PDF of the original form using the Word Add-in.
 - When you Send a form that has a PDF, you can also get the PDFs of the linked forms attached to the email.

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