Text Field

Text Field is the default control. It is an area in which you can type a single line of text.

Text Area

Text Area is a version of Text Field for longer text entry, it supports multiple lines of text and expands as needed to allow more text to be entered.


Recipient is a special type of Text Control for an email address. It is a system control/field that is only available in Memos. On the iPad, you can enter an email address or press the + button to select an email address from the iPad’s contacts list.


Address is a special type of Text Control for postal or street addresses. On the iPad, it includes a button that will let you insert the address of a person in your contacts list.

Readonly Text

Readonly Text allows you to place a large body of text (anything larger than you can put into a display name) in the form to instruct whoever is filling it out. In the template editor, click the cogwheel icon to open the settings panel to edit the read-only text.

Readonly Text in Tables

In the case where you want to have different Readonly Text on each line of a table, you can do that after turning on the setting "Different value per row".

Signature Box

A Signature Box controls allows the user to sign the form.

Displaying signatures in the generated PDF

If you are not using the Add-in to insert signature merge fields then: If a user has signed the form, then the default behaviour is to insert the text “Signed in APE Mobile” into the generated PDF. To get the signature image, you need to edit the merge field to prepend “Image:” to it. For example, if your merge field is inserted into the Word document as “Signature”, then you need to change this to “Image:Signature”. For more details, see Inserting Merge Fields into a Word Document for Windows or Mac.

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