Now that you've created a template - how to you give it to your field users to complete?

There are two ways to make your templates available to projects:

  1.  Add a template to the Default templates list (Default Templates)
  2. Add it to the list of templates for a specific project (Project Templates)

Note: If you create a new template and publish it, that won’t be available in any projects until you do at least one of the above.

Default Templates

The web app’s page Admin => Default Templates lets you select which templates are available in projects by default.

All projects have the default set of templates available to their users, unless the project has the "use default" setting turned off (see below). 

Each user type has a different set of default templates. For example, you may want Standard users to have access to your Weekly Project Report template, or Standard and Operator users (but not External users) to have access to a timesheet.  

Click Details to view the group of templates that are available by default.

Click ‘Edit’ to view all of the templates available for selection, and to choose which are included in the list of Default Templates for the user type.

Project Templates

To customise template availability in a project, go to Project Home (select the project, then select Project Home in the left panel), and choose Project Templates at the bottom of the screen.

When the Use Defaults setting is switched to Yes, the users in that project will be able to create records from the Default Templates. 

When User Defaults is switched to No for the project, you can select the templates that are needed by the users of the specific project. This is helpful when there are some standard templates across all projects, but other templates specific to individual projects.  

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