There are a few different ways to get images on to your forms in APE Mobile.

Images for field user reference

You can use the Diagram field to add an image (or PDF) to your template. 

This means you can build an image into the template so that when users fill out a form, they have a handy reference document right there, every time - be it a Risk Matrix or a diagram of plant for an inspection.

See here for more details.

Ways of attaching images while completing forms

Attaching an image to the end of a form

At the bottom of every form in APE Mobile (both in the app and on the web), there's an area where users can attach photos. 

You can save time by attaching multiple photos at once. Press-hold photos to select them.

Annotating Attached Images

You can click on the added photo to draw on it using our annotation tools. Spin the color chooser and line width selector to control the line, or click on the pencil to see the shape tools.

When finished, click on Apply Annotations to save the drawings onto your image. 

Images attached to the end of the form appear are appended to the PDF version of the form automatically. 

Attaching an image to a specific field

We've also added the ability to attach images to specific fields in a form. 

For example, you might be completing an Inspection and wish to attach photo evidence of equipment you have checked.

When creating the template, the administrator can turn on a setting to allow attachment of images to the following types of fields:
 - Question (Yes/No, Yes/No/NA, Multiple choice)
 - Read only
 - Text field
 - Text area
 - Geolocation

For example, if I am editing my Inspection template and I want to allow users to add images to the "Detals" Text area field:

I can click the cog on the field to open up the Settings for the field, and turn on "Can attach image(s)", specifying the maximum allowed images.

 Now, when you complete the form, a camera icon will appear as you enter details into the field: 

By clicking on the image, you can choose a photo to add to the field. A thumbnail of the photo will appear below the field.

You can save time by attaching multiple photos at once. Press-hold photos to select them.

Clicking on the photo opens up the viewer, where you can annotate it (see above) and add a caption.  

Note, there are also two merge field corresponding to each of these photos (one image merge field and one caption merge field per image). You can add these images and captions to the PDF version of your template using the APE Word Addin

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