If you need to add more licences in APE Mobile to add more users, the easiest way is to email us at hello@apemobile.com.

You might need to do this if:
 - You run out of licences of a certain type (you can see how many licences are allowed in your Organization settings, under Admin). You will also see an error if you hit the maximum at the time you try to create a new user.
 - You need to switch users from one licence type to another (e.g. reduce one type and increase another type)

Note: the number of licences used is based on the number of Active users for the user type. You can see if a user is Active or not, or make a user active/inactive, on the Users page under Admin.

User pricing details can be found on the pricing page, via the chat in the bottom right of the screen, or contact us via email here.

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