Sequence Numbers are assigned to each new register item (memo, form, or action) when they are saved to a project. Each template will have a different sequence for each project.

Normally the user lets the system allocate these numbers. However, you can optionally specify the next number to use in cases where you already have historical documents with sequence numbers assigned. In this case the Administrator can use the Sequence Number facility to instruct the system to begin the auto-assignment of sequence numbers at a preselected number that won’t conflict with existing historical numbers.

Clicking the Sequence Numbers menu item under Settings in the Project Home brings up the following:

Note that what is shown is the Next sequence number for each template type. This will increment as items are created and new sequence numbers assigned.

Clicking the edit button brings up the following:

This indicates that for the project AP20345, the system will auto-assign the sequence number 18 to the next Site Induction Record that is saved to the project.

Changing the number and clicking the Save button will instruct the system to auto-assign the new number provided.

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