Clicking Project Lists (under Lists in the Project Home) brings up the following:

Project lists are used in Templates to present users with project-specific selection options.

For example, if a template contained an Employee field, and if different sets of employees work on different projects, then you would need to set up a “Project Employees” Project List Type, and then specify separate lists for each project.

The alternative would be to use an Organisation List. This would be appropriate in the case where the same list of employees is used for each project.

Note that before setting up a project list, you need to ensure that the Project List Type has been created at the Organisational level using the Proj. List Types page.

The actions available are as follows:

  • Display the Details of a Project List by clicking on the Details button
  • Edit the parameters of a Project List by clicking on the Edit button (under Details)
  • Delete a Project List from this project by clicking on the Delete button (under Details)
  • Add a Project List to the project by clicking on the Create button

Project List Details

Display the Details of a Project List by clicking on the Details button. In the screenshot below we have displayed the details for the Project Employees list type and it shows that there are three entries for this list for this project.

Edit a Project List

You can edit a Project List by clicking on the Edit button, which brings up the screen shown below, in this case for the Employers list type.

From this screen you can

  1. Remove a list item by clicking the remove button 
  2. Edit an exiting item by modifying its text
  3. Add a new item by clicking on the Add List Item button and entering the item name in the text box provided.
  4. Save the changes to the list by clicking the Save

Delete a Project List

Clicking the Delete button for a Project List raises an “Are you sure?” dialog and if OK is clicked the item will be deleted from this project.

Create Project List 

Clicking the Create button provides us with a drop down list of the remaining list types for selection to add to the project.

Once we click the Create button the list will be added to the Project Lists for our project.

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