When the app syncs for the first time, it gets information such as blank templates and lists but no information from projects like completed forms or memos. To get that, you need to subscribe to your project/s.

Subscribe to a Project
Tell the app which projects you need, by going to the Project Picker and pressing the cloud/download button for each project.

When the mobile device has Internet connection it will download the data from the selected projects (in the order you pressed them).
During the initial download, the project shows the synchronising symbol. After that, the symbol disappears.

APE Mobile remembers which projects you chose, and automatically keeps them synchronised.

Unsubscribe from a Project
If you no longer want the app to synchronise data with a particular project then you can remove the project as follows.

NOTE: The exact steps vary slightly with different app types (Android, iOS, Win10).

In the Project Picker, drag the right-hand edge of the project about 1-2 centimeters to the left. That will open a red Delete button you can click.

Before APE Mobile will let you unsubscribe/remove a project from your device, it requires that any changes (such as filled-in forms) are synchronised so that they are not lost.

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