Reporting Projects use WBS in a special way to allow reporting of activities from different projects within a single form.

A common scenario is users working on different projects who need to complete timesheets about the time they spent on activities in those projects. A Reporting Project is a good general place to have such a form, outside of the particular projects.

The types of Activities in projects can be stored as WBS items and thus be available for users to select through dropdown custom WBS lists. WBS items are usually available only within the project to which they belong, except that Reporting projects get their WBS items from all other projects. That is their special behaviour. When a user is filling-out a form in a Reporting Project then WBS dropdown lists allow them to choose a project and a WBS item from within it.


Project “Edu” has WBS items for activities: Induction and Training of different types.

Project “Promenade” has WBS items for activities: Levelling, Compacting, and Surfacing.

Project “Timesheets” is a Reporting project, and thus receives its WBS items from other projects:

A user might work on project “Promenade” and later attend some training. To show where they spent their time, they could go into a timesheet form in the “Timesheets” project and record:

Activity                                                       Start time       End time       Time (hours)
“Promenade” => Surfacing (2160.3)              8am               12pm                4
“Edu” => Training => Advanced (2000.2.3)   1pm              4:30pm            3.5


Reporting Project functionality was released on 15th/December/2017. If your APE Mobile server is older than that then the functionality might not yet be switched on. That is to prevent it from being used with old versions of the mobile apps that don’t recognise the functionality. You can ask APE Mobile Support to switch it on.

Minimum Mobile App Versions

The minimum versions requirements for the mobile apps are:

Operating System      Minimum Version of App
Android                        1.8.0
iOS                               5.15.0
Windows 10                 1.12.6 

Creating a Reporting Project

To make a reporting project, create a new project and select the option “Reporting Project”.

If you don’t see the option then ask APE Mobile support to turn that functionality on for your site, as per the “Availability” section above.

Note: Existing projects cannot be converted into reporting projects.

Reporting Projects’ WBS Items

Reporting Projects’ WBS Item Numbers appear as ProjectNumber.WBSnumber.
Their Name is the same as the name in the regular project.

Users’ perspective

When a user is filling out a form in a reporting project and they click or press on a WBS dropdown list, they first choose a project and then a WBS item from inside it. The form displays the full path, showing the full hierarchy (in cases where there are multiple levels of WBS).

If they are using a mobile app, rather than the web app, then it only knows the WBS items from projects that the user has subscribed to (and thus downloaded). However, if the user wishes to select items from a project that they haven’t subscribed to then they can subscribe to it ‘on the fly’ (without leaving the form) by clicking the cloud symbol next to the project name.


WBS dropdown control types

A WBS system field is present in every form template.

A template administrator can add additional WBS controls by adding a List type field and then setting the type to WBS Item. They are called “Custom WBS”  controls.

Formulas and WBS data

Formulas can be used to extract different components of the selected WBS item by referencing an attribute of the WBS field: name, number, number_name, and path.

WBS item updating

Dropdown list items

If WBS items are changed in projects then Reporting Projects automatically alter the selection of WBS Items that are offered to users.

Changes reach mobile app users when they next synchronise with the server. If a mobile app user unsubscribes from a project though then they won’t see its WBS item changes.

Changes to existing WBS Data

WBS Item changes affect the data in previously-completed forms differently depending on whether the data is in the WBS system field or a custom WBS field, as follows:

WBS system field

WBS system fields’ data gets automatically updated (just like the dropdown list choices). That shows when the form’s details are viewed, and when it is being edited, and also in registers (like the form register) where is affects filtering. The data change won’t appear in an existing form’s PDF though until it is regenerated.

Custom WBS field

Custom WBS fields’ data does not get automatically changed. It holds a snapshot of what the WBS Item number and name were at the time that the user selected it.

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