Some of the fields in my PDFs don’t display the information I want. There seems to be a problem with some merge fields in my template’s Microsoft Word file but I can’t see where.


Microsoft Word’s merge fields contain information that is normally hidden, and it controls what will be output into the PDF.

Problems occur when the hidden information is different to the normally visible information, as the PDF contents will then be unexpected. That may arise if merge field codes have been manually edited.


Right-click on the merge field and choose “Toggle Field Codes”. Doing that once reveals its hidden information. Doing it again will revert back to the normal display. That allows you to see where hidden codes are incorrect/inconsistent.

If you edit the hidden code then, when you’re finished, right-click it and choose “Update field”.

Tip: you can toggle field codes on/off for the entire DOCX by doing "Select All" and then key combination SHIFT+F9. That allows you to see where underlying problems lie in many fields, such as in tables.

Also note: a good way to delete a merge field in Word is:

  1. Put the text cursor on its right-hand side
  2. Press backspace once. That selects it (rather than deleting anything)
  3. Press backspace again. That deletes it.

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