How do I install a new version of the APE Mobile app on my Android, iOS or Windows 10 device?


New Install or Simple Upgrade:

If you are installing or upgrading then you can simply install the APE Mobile app from the App Store (Apple App Store, Google Play Store or Microsoft Store). There is usually no need to uninstall first, and that is much faster.

If using the Apple App store and it shows Open instead of Update then see here.


These are the steps that I recommend for un-installing and re-install the app:

NOTE steps 6 and 7 might take a long time (depending on your database size) so avoid doing them shortly before you need to use the app.

1. Ensure you have server login details:

  • Server address, which is normally
  • Your user email address
  • Your password. (In the case of a lost password, see “Forgotten password”.)

2. Ensure that you are connected to the Internet (via WiFi or good mobile broadband), and will remain connected for a while (for the remaining steps).

Also, check that you have the Store icon on your desktop. That's needed for step 5.

3. Ensure that the app is synced before step 4, or else un-synched data will be lost!

Look for the synchronising icon in the top left corner of APE Mobile, it looks like spokes on a wheel, and turns during synchronisation, which is normally every 15 seconds.

To check whether the data from a project is all synchronised you can try to unsubscribe from it. If a project has un-synced data then the app won't let you unsubscribe. If you're unsure, ask APE technical support.

4. Uninstall APE Mobile

Note: To uninstall an app on an iOS device, go to the desktop/background and find the icon for the app, then hold your finger on it for a few seconds and release, then it should start wobbling, then click the X that appears at its top left corner. Finally press the home button to stop the icons wiggling.

5. Go to the Store, search for the APE Mobile app ("Ape Mobile Onsite") and then install it.

6. Log in using details from step 1. The app will initialise and then synchronise. 

7. Subscribe to the project/s that you use.

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