About Projects

Each organisation can have a number of Projects. Each project has the following:

Selecting a Project

You need to have a project selected in order to view drawings, or to enter memos, forms, and actions. This can be done by using the selector in the left navigation bar.

If no project is currently selected, you can also select projects from a selector on the Home page.

Project Register

Clicking the Projects item in the Admin menu brings up a screen with the list of projects currently defined for your organisation.

The sort order can be by ascending or descending Job number toggled by clicking on the Job heading.

From this screen the following actions are supported:

  • A wildcard search for a project operating against a combination of the Job and Name fields.
  • A new project can be created by clicking on the Create button
  • The details of an existing project may be viewed by clicking on the Details button, or clicking on the Job number, which is a hyperlink.
  • A project may be Edited from the dropdown menu attached to the Details button.

Viewing Project Details

Clicking on the Details button associated with a project displays a page where you can view all of the project's basic information.

When you select a project, then go to Project Home (found in the left navigation menu), you can view and configure the Project Members, Lists (including WBS), templates and other Settings, along with information about the items in each of the project's Registers (Forms, Memos, Actions, Punch Lists and Drawings)

Removing a Project

You can't delete projects but you can make them inactive.

An administrator can make a project inactive using the web app's menu option
Admin => Projects => EDIT a project, then set Active to OFF.

Note: If mobile app users have previously subscribed to the project then they will see it in their project-selection list but it will be greyed-put (and not available). That indicates that the device is storing data for that project. The user can unsubscribe from the project to delete the data. The way to unsubscribe is shown at https://support.apemobile.com/faqs/mobile-app/how-can-i-select-projects-in-the-app
After that, the project will no longer be displayed to the user on that device.

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