Ways to Export Data

In APE Mobile, you can:

Who can use Exports?

Users who can view forms can also export the forms register (similarly for memos and actions registers), however specific permissions are required for doing the other kinds of exports.

There are two options in the Exports area:

Template Exports          This is used to do data extraction. The menu option only                                                   appears for users who have the Export user permission.                      
                                       Note: previously users needed permission to “Access all                                                    projects” in order to be able to do exports, so that they could                                            export records from any/all projects. That is no-longer                                                        necessary. Now, if a user tries to export records from all                                                    projects, then they will get records from just the projects that                                            have access to. Custom Exports

Custom Exports          This is an easy, powerful and recommended way to customise                                         your data exports. All users with “Export” user permission can                                         export using Custom Exports. However, if they need to create                                           or edit Custom Exports (formerly called Reporting Tables), then                                         they’ll also need permission to Manage templates and                                                     organisation lists

Also note: the full Export functionality is only available on Premium and Enterprise pricing plans.

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