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When writing a formula, you can refer to values coming from other fields. To find how to refer to other fields, go into the settings of a formula field and then turn on "Show formula refs", as shown below.

Additional explanation:

Consider a table in an APE Mobile template, with columns and rows.
 The way that you reference each field is like you'd use in Microsoft Excel.
 For example, the first column in the first row can be referenced using A1.
 When you have a formula in a table, it usually processes values from cells (fields)
 in the same row as itself. So, you can drop the row number. In other words, if
 your formula gets the value of B (for example) then it will get the contents
 of the 2nd column in the current row.
 If you have a formula that is outside the table (and potentially you might
 have many tables) then you need to specify somehow which table to use.
 To do that, prefix the cell reference with T1! for example, where T1 means the first table and A1 means first column and row.
 If you want to reference a field that is at the top level of the form
 (instead of inside a table) then the table name is TOP, and the row number is always 1.


You can drop the TOP! part of the reference if you’re inside the top level of the form (i.e. the formula is not inside a table). You can drop the T1! part of the reference if you’re inside table 1.
 That works like Excel, where you only need to preceded a field reference with SheetName! if you are referencing a call in a different sheet.
 The details page shows references for fields in tables such as (for example) T1!An
 In that case, the "n" refers to the row number; you need to put a number in there (unless using a formula within that table, and thus getting the current row).
 If you've got multiple tables, they'll always be T1, T2, T3, etc. Their display names and merge field names are not used. If you change their order then that will change.


When working with long complex formulas:

  • You can drag the bottom right corner of APE Mobile’s formula editor window to make it larger.
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