About Companies

The Companies list is a special type of list used in Memos, Actions and Forms.

Some people prefer to use Organization Lists or Project Lists to provide a list of company and contractor names in Forms and this is fine.

There are a couple of advantages to using the special Companies list:

  • You can use the Company filters in the Memo and Action registers.
  • If you specify email patterns with each company, then the system will automatically infer Memo's relevant company based on the recipient’s email address. This removes the need to specify the company separately.

One disadvantage of using the Companies list (compared to Organization or Project Lists) is that users cannot add to the list while creating a Form.

The Companies Register

Find Companies in the Admin menu to see the Companies Register.

From here, you can: 

  • Search for a Company 
  • Hit Create to add a new Company
  • Click Details to view an existing Company, or 
  • Edit (in the Details drop down list) to edit a Company.


Clicking the Details button for a Company will show the information for that Company.

From here you can Edit the Company or  cancel to return to the Companies Register.

Create or Edit a Company

The screen used to Create or Edit a Company’s details is below.

Here you can edit the Company name, and add Email Patterns.

Email Patterns

Email Patterns are used to infer the Company related to a Memo based on the recipient email address. 

The % symbol is used as a wildcard, so in the above example, the system would recognize that (for example) fred@fixers.com and sam@fixers.com.au both belonged to the “Fixers Ltd” Company.

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