About Project Lists and Project List Types

Unlike Organisation Lists, you need to create a Project List Type before you can start using the Project List. You specify the Project List Type in the template field definition rather than the list itself. When entering a form, memo, or action, the system looks for the list with the specified type within the current Project, and if found it allows the user to choose from the items in that list (otherwise it presents an empty list).

So, the steps to create and use a Project List are:

  1. Create the Project List Type (e.g. “Site Inductees”) if it doesn’t already exist.
  2. Insert a Proj. List or Proj.List-Multi field type into a template, and specify the Project List Type that you created.
  3. For each project that will use the template, create the Project List and enter the list items for the project.
  4. When entering a Memo, Form, or Action that contain a Project List field, you will be able to select from the items set up for that project.

For example, you might define a “Site Inductee” Project List Type that is referenced in a template’s Proj. List fields, but the contents of this list would be different from one project to the next. Like Organisation Lists, they can be updated dynamically by administrators, and users can add new list items on-the-fly.

4 The Project List Types Register

You can get to the Project List Types Register by selecting Proj. List Types from the left-hand navigator, or from the Admin menu.

You can click the Create button to create a new Project List Type, the Details button to view an existing type, or you can click the triangle to the right of Details to display a menu containing an option to Edit an existing type. If the list is not yet in use, then you also get a trashcan icon which you can click to delete the Project List Type.

4.1 Details

The details page displays the Project List Type properties.

You can optionally click the Edit button to edit the Project List Type.

4.2 Create / Edit

Below is the form used to create a new Project List Type, or edit an existing one.

There is only one field to enter, which is the name of the Project List Type.

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