Note: that in order to access the Organization settings, you must have Manage organization checked in your user settings.

You can view your organization settings by selecting the Organization option from the Admin menu at the top of the screen.

The Organization Settings include the following:

  • Organization name: This is the name of the company or the operational entity.
  • Default time zone: The time zone for the region where the majority of users will be operating. Individual user time zones can be customized in user settings.
  • Maximum users: Equivalent to the licenses for each user type.
  • Started at: The time that the organization was created.
  • Change Log: A record of changes to the Organization settings.

Editing Organization Settings

Clicking the Edit button brings up a screen which allows you to edit the Organization Name and Time Zone, and to configure the Email Template and PDF File Name (see below).   

Memo/form email template

The Subject and Content fields let you customise the default email messages used to send forms or memos to a recipient. Note that users can also change this content when they send a message if they wish.

There are a number of placeholders that can be used in the subject, content and file name, that correspond to standard fields in Forms, Memos and Actions. These are:

  • %{ProjectNumber}
  • %{ProjectName}
  • %{TemplateName}
  • %{SequenceNumber}
  • %{DateRaised}
  • %{WBSNumber}
  • %{WBSName}
  • %{Name}
  • %{OwnerName}
  • %{UniqueId} - This is an internal record id used by the system. In most cases the Sequence Number is preferred.
  • %{FormType} - (Form, Memo or Action)

%{Name} gives the Short Description. Be aware that sometimes forms don't have a short description, in which case this outputs NoName.

In the Content field you can also use %{CurrentUserName} (typically used for the email signature).

PDF File Name

The PDF file name format is used to construct the file name of the PDF version of the Forms, Memos and Actions that you have created in APE Mobile. Note that this is also the file name format used if you download the PDF using the Web application.

You can use the same placeholders/variables as described in the section above.

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