User Types

There are 3 types of user in APE Mobile: 

  • Super users: These are users who can perform Administrative functions (depending on their permissions; see below), and can also see all records for their projects. They can also annotate drawings and be added as Approvers (this is done at the Project level).
  • Standard users: These are users who are restricted to seeing only records they own. Standard users can't be Approvers.
  • External users: Users (usually contractors) who are restricted to seeing only records they own.  They can also be added as Approvers.

The User Register

Clicking User in the Admin menu at the top shows the list of users.

From here, you can search for, create or edit users.

User Details

Click the Details button for a user on the User Register and the following is displayed.

From this screen you can edit the user details or change the user password (note, using either the menu at the top right, or the buttons at the bottom.

Editing the user details

You can edit the name or email address of a user here, or make a user Active/Inactive (see below for what this means). 

There are also a number of Super Powers (administrative permissions) that can be turned on for Super users. These are:

  • Manage organization: the user can edit the Organization settings.
  • Create projects: the user can create new projects.
  • Access all projects: the user can view all Projects (including project documents) and edit Project information. The user cannot create new Memos, Forms, or Actions for the project until they are a Project member.
  • Export: The user can run Exports using Templates and Custom Exports, and to bulk-download PDFs from the Form and Memo registers, and to create & edit Custom Exports. Note: To create Custom Exports, they must also have permission to manage templates.
  • Manage users: the user can create and edit users (including themselves). This is a particularly powerful permission, because it includes the ability to create users, activate or deactivate users, change user privileges, and/or change user passwords (but remember, users can reset their own passwords as well).
  • Manage templates and organization lists permits the user to create and edit Templates, Organization lists, Project List Types, and also (if they have Export permission) Custom Exports.
  • Manage companies permits the user to create, update, and delete items in the Companies list. 
  • View diagnostics permits the user to view technical diagnostic information. This is generally only used for troubleshooting by technical staff.

The Administrator can create a new user for the organization by clicking on the Create button in the Users register.

What does Active mean?

The Active setting (visible on the User Register and editable on the Edit User screen) determines whether the user is active or not. Inactive users cannot use the system, and are not counted as using a license. You might set a user as inactive if they are no longer a staff member, or don't need to use the system. See this article for how to increase your number of licenses.

What does Confirmed mean?

On the Users register, and in the User Details page, a Confirmed status is shown. When this is No, it means that the user has been invited, but has not clicked their confirmation link to verify their email address and set up a password. Once they have confirmed their account and set up a password, this status will always be Yes.

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