1. Introduction

Templates are the basis for users to create Forms, Memos and Actions in APE Mobile. They specify which data is to be entered and can include instructions, drop-down lists, mandatory fields, tables, formulas and more, to assist with data entry.

2. Simple template exercise: Daily Diary

To start learning about creating your own templates we recommend that you:

  1. Download our simple example of a Supervisor’s daily diary form
  2. Follow the steps shown in the following videos:

        (A) Begin with a Word DOC
        (B) Template Editor
        (C) Insert Fields
        (D) Final Steps

3. More advanced exercise: Toolbox Meeting

To learn more about templates, including about other types of fields and using lists and tables:

  1. Download our example Toolbox Meeting Minutes form
     Templates - Creating a More Advanced Template.doc
  2. Steps for Exercise: Creating a More Advanced Template
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