Records in APE Mobile are stored in Projects. That has advantages including: 

Simplicity - as users only need to see records and documents for their projects.
Speed - because it reduces bandwidth and syncing time for site users.
Reporting - because exports can be targeted to output data for specific jobs.

Projects are usually site locations, such as a new housing estate, or road extension, or bridge. Alternatively, each project could be for a different team, or anything that is useful for grouping your data. 

You need to select a Project in order to see its forms, memos, actions and documents. In the web app there is a Project Selector in the left navigation menu, which also
displays the name and number of the currently selected project. 

In the mobile app you need to subscribe to projects before you can select them, by tapping on the project’s cloud button. That downloads the project to your device then you’ll be able to select it, and use it while your device is offline

APE Mobile remembers which projects you’ve subscribed to and automatically keeps them synced. You can unsubscribe by dragging the right-hand edge of the project to the left and then tapping remove. Select a project by tapping it, then close the selection list by tapping outside it.

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