To verify that the APE Word Add-in is installed correctly:

  1. Open Microsoft™ Word
  2. Click INSERT (shown circled in red below)
  3. Check that you can see APE Template Fields (circled in green below)

When it has been installed correctly, see Using the Add-in.


If you cannot see APE Template Fields (as per above) then please:

  • The MSI installer requires Visual Studio Tools for Office Runtime.
  • You may need to get assistance from your IT department, especially if you don’t have admin permission because that is needed when installing the EXE add-in.
    Users without admin permission can use the MSI installer.
  • Ensure that your version of Microsoft Word is 2010 or higher
  • Ensure that your operating system is Windows™
  • Right-click on the installer EXE and choose to Run as Administrator.
    Note that it can make a different to use the “Run as Administrator” option even if you are logged in as Administrator and have the Admin rights on your PC.
  • Try restarting your computer
  • Try re-installing the add-in while Word is closed.
  • If you have an HP computer then HP Security Manager software might be interfering.
  • Install the "Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio" from and then try installing the Word Add-in again.
  • Try Internet Options => Security Tab, then for Internet zone, turn on "Enable Protected Mode"
    and try re-booting and then re-installing the Addin.

Ask APE technical support. If possible, send the installation log file. They may ask you to check the following:

1.Check whether Windows shows the add-in is installed. The way to do that varies between operating systems but 2 examples are illustrated below:

2. If the add-in is installed then check it inside Word using the menu selection
FILE => Options => Add-Ins

Check whether you can see APE Word Add-in as shown above.

3. Click the Go button (circled in orange above) and compare with the screenshot below.

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