Actions are about making sure that things get done. As an example, if you discover a defect that needs repairing, or a missing item, or a non-conformity, then you can make a record of that, assign it to someone, and track its status. 

You can have Action templates customized to the situations in your workplace.
For example, in this Action Register I can record Workshop Actions. Actions may be created here directly within the Action Register, but more often they are created when filling out a form with Question fields that trigger actions.

In the Actions Register, you can see existing Actions, as well as filter them and create Punch Lists. A Punch List is a PDF list of Actions that can be passed on to people as a convenient checklists of items of work to complete.

UPDATE: To simplify APE Mobile’s main menu, we relocated Punch Lists from the main menu into the Actions register. For more details see here.

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