Most records in APE Mobile are organized into Projects. Your projects contain:

  • Forms
  • Memos
  • Actions
  • Punch Lists
  • Drawings & Docs

To see any of these, you need to have selected a Project. 

Do this from the left menu (if you can't see your Project, ask your Administrator to add you as a Project Member). 

Once you've selected a Project, you'll be able to navigate between Registers. These are where your Project Records are kept (the Forms, Memos, Actions, Punch Lists and Drawings & Docs mentioned above). 

The registers (which each contain a list of records - Forms, Memos, Actions, Punch Lists or Drawings & Docs) look like this:

For example, the Form Register is shown above. You can:

  • Search and filter the register to find an item
  • Select an item to see the action buttons (which for most registers include View PDF, Details, Edit, Send and others depending on your user permissions for the project).
  • Hit Create to add a new item. 

Admin and Insights menu - Web Only

The top menu items are mainly reserved for Administration functions and Insights (both available to Super users only). 

The Insights menu contains the things you need to get your data out of APE Mobile - Exports, Alerts and Metrics - as well as the all-important Site Assistant, which usually sits on the right of your screen (web) or at the bottom (coming soon in the apps - iOS, Windows and Android).

The Admin menu is where you can find your User, Organization and Project setup options.

Also see this video:

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